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5 holiday Christmas cards ideas. 

Christmas is just around the corner. And we all know how everyone struggles to find the perfect card for their loved ones. But, we have got your back. Here are 5 holiday Christmas cards ideas for you!

Make it funny 

It’s always fun to add a pun in your Christmas cards. It’s because no one will expect you to give them a card with a joke on it. It’s different and definitely needed to ease the stress among people these days. 

Now, if you’re not funny – take some help from your friends or just Google some funny Christmas jokes to write on your cards. It’ll be a fun way of greeting your friends. 

Make it personal 

Take a look at your life. We all appreciate personalized gifts way more than regular gifts. So, this Christmas- just for a few special people, try to write something from your heart on it. 

For example, if you’re giving the card to a childhood friend. You can reminisce about the memories of your childhood and share a laugh about it. As long as it comes from within your heart – you’ll be good to go. Other than that, you can also try using certain words that only you and your friends know. For example, if you have a nickname for someone, use that to grade them on Christmas Rather than sticking to the conventional way of doing things. 

Add some photos 

Pictures can make for great backgrounds for your greeting cards this holiday season. So, when you get your cards printed – just use some pictures from your camera roll. You can either use a single picture or print different pictures for different people. 

And, we promise – it’ll be all so worth it when you post the cards to your loved ones. A few years down the line, you’ll find some of those cards stored in a box somewhere. Or, on top of the fridge as little souvenirs. 

Design a vintage card

Vintage new years cards and Christmas cards are not as famous. But, you can do something to stand out from the crowd. There are hundreds of templates available on the internet. You can take inspiration from them and design your cards using your own creative skills. 

Especially for your friends who like something out of the box, a vintage Christmas card would be a treat for their eyes. 

Keep it simple 

As a generation we have moved away from simple things. It doesn’t have to be fancy and out of the box every time. If you’re looking to give your friends or family a Christmas card, just stick to the basic Christmas cards that we have been using all these years. naasongs

For inspiration, you can take a look at some of the old Christmas cards that your mom or dad might have saved from their childhood. Other than that, just take a look on the Internet and explore how Christmas cards have a board over the years.


Designing a Christmas card every year can be a tedious task. However, in this article, we have collected five different ideas for you to explore this holiday season. 

For example, this year you can try to add some personal touch to your Christmas greeting cards. Other than that, you can also add some photos to the mix. And, if you do not like any extra details, just stick to the conventional red and green Christmas cards for this year. As long as you are satisfied with the result, it will all fall into place. 

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