Dispelling 5 common myths about workers’ compensation claims

Nothing is probably worse than getting injured at work. The workplace is supposed to be a safe place, but mishaps and accidents happen all the time. Following an on-the-job injury in Virginia, you need to consider seeking legal help, although you can file a workers’ compensation claim without an attorney. Consult the top lawyers of Injured Workers Law Firm to learn about your rights. They can also check whether you are eligible for the benefits. In this post, we are dispelling five common myths about workers’ compensation claims.

Myth 1: Employers may choose not to pay for workers’ compensation insurance

Fact: No, all employers in the state are required to have workers’ compensation insurance, and the benefits extend to both part-time and full-time employees. If you were injured in an on-the-job accident, you are entitled to the benefits in most circumstances.

Myth 2: The insurance company denied your claim, and you don’t have more options

Fact: It is common for insurance adjusters to deny workers’ compensation claims for various reasons. Just because your claim is rejected, it doesn’t mean you cannot try again. You have the option to request a hearing before the commission, and an attorney can help you make the strongest appeal.

Myth 3: You were responsible for the accident, and therefore, you don’t have a claim

Fact: The workers’ compensation system is not based on the fault of either party. Even when you are responsible or liable for the incident, you still have a valid claim. Talk to an attorney to check whether you can file a claim and recover the benefits.

Myth 4: You can go to the doctor of your choice

In order to get the benefits as per the workers’ compensation system, you will need to see a doctor on the list provided by your employer. There are some cases when you may ask for a different doctor because you deserve better care.

Myth 5: Your employer will fire you for filing a claim

Employers cannot retaliate against employees who have filed workers’ compensation claims. If you think you lost your job because you initiated action after a work injury, talk to your attorney, and they can help you take further legal action.

Hiring an attorney doesn’t have to be expensive in Virginia. Most lawyers take up workers’ compensation claims on a contingency fee, which is a share of your back wages. Seek legal counsel before it’s too celebrities age.

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