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Education Is Expensive – Try Ignorance Instead

The saying “Education is expensive. Try ignorance instead.” is a common saying, and one that is often repeated on gift items. But the quote itself is not new. It has been used in print since at least May 1974, attributed to comedy writer Robert Oren. If you are not sure if this quotation is true, try it out for yourself. It might surprise you! There are countless examples of how expensive education can be – and how many of us have paid for it.

While some of the best education is free, others are expensive. The cost of education varies greatly, and not everyone can afford it. Many people think that a certain field is easy and cheap, but then learn that it is much harder than they thought. This leads to disaster because they were too ignorant. It’s always better to learn about the level of education required to succeed before you plunge into ignorance.

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