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How Heavy of a TV Can You Mount on Drywall?

First, determine the wall you are mounting your TV on. Most drywall walls have vertical wood studs, but some older homes may have plaster walls without studs. If this is the case, you will need to install toggle anchors or use masonry anchors. If you’re not sure, consult the wall mount’s product packaging. If it says it supports up to four hundred pounds, you can probably mount a TV on drywall.

Next, locate the stud. You’ll need a stud finder to find these studs. They are typically 2 inches wide and 16 inches apart, but you may find some with 24 inch studs. Once you’ve located the studs, you can drill the holes. You can also use a small tool to poke holes in the drywall. After drilling holes, check the location of the TV for levelness.

Once you have determined the height of the studs, you can start measuring the distance between the TV’s top edge and the bottom edge. The center height of the television should be around 42 inches, which is eye level for a five-foot-six-inch person. You can use painter’s tape to mark the location. When you are satisfied with the placement, try sitting down and staring at the TV.

While the weight of a television varies from model to model, a 32-inch model can weigh up to 25-30 pounds. A large-screen television may weigh more, so be sure to check the weight and load capacity of the anchors before mounting. Otherwise, your wall may bend and break under the weight. This is where the proper anchors come in handy. You can purchase a mounting plate to mount your television on drywall.

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