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How to Photograph Pearl Jewellery

When taking photos of pearls, styling is key. Professional photographers will hire someone to help them with the styling. However, you can copy what you see in good photographs and apply it to your own pearls. Popular shapes include the pattern “8” and the “dog collar.”

Use the right lighting. Using a light tent or a lightbox to control the amount of glare and reflections will give your subject a more pleasing look. You can also use translucent fabric as a double layer of diffusion. Also, you can use coroplast, a corrugated plastic sheet that comes in many colors, to create shades and reflectors. Lastly, you can use poster papers to enclose your subject and eliminate harsh shadows. The poster paper will also help brighten up the bottom part of your pearl.

Props are also important for the perfect circle position of your pearl jewelry. A springform round pan can help you achieve this. If you can’t find a pan, try to find something similar. Post-production is a critical step in the jewelry photography process. During post-production, you can fix any flaws in the photo, retouch the lighting, and make other necessary adjustments.

Before photographing your pearl jewelry, you should prepare the background. The best background for your photos is a white board or table. Place your pearls or any other jewelry on top of this white background. You can then use two photography lamps or lights to illuminate the jewelry. The lights should be at least 45 degrees from the camera to avoid harsh glare. Alternatively, you can use a windowsill with a window to capture the light. You should also place a white card or white cloth behind your jewelry to diffuse the light.

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