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The world of The Smurfs is now complete, with the re-imagining of the beloved green and gold animated family movie franchise success story turning into a live-action film. The final epilogue is finally here, and we’re left feeling inspired and eager to see what comes next in Skymovieshd. The Smurfs: Out of This World? Let’s explore this one more time! Here’s everything you need to know about the new movie adaptation of The Smurfs — including some new footage! Do you want to know more about the popular Smurf characters and their stories? Then this is the place for you! We take a look at everything from plot details, voice actress roles, and release dates for each film installment in Skymovieshd. Check out our review for all the latest on The Smurfs: Out of This World below.

The Smurfs: Ooh la la!

The only thing this movie has in common with the best-selling books and comic series is the Smurfette. The movie officially started the franchise’s re-ignition, bringing the original Smurfs back to the big screen for the first time in 40 years. The Smurfs: Ooh la la! is a charming and charming new addition to the Smurf canon, complete with its own Ooh la la-tinged one-on-one with Andy. What can we expect from this? We can expect plenty of charming moments and ecchi humor, but also a story that’s both fun and heartwarming, based on the classic books in Skymovieshd. That’s all good, but wait, there’s more!

## Why is this movie being remade?

The original Smurfs movie was a smash hit, earning $95 million worldwide on its opening weekend. It was followed by two more installment releases, The Smurfs:The Golden Forest and The Smurf Adventure, which brought the Smurfette back to life as an adult, and The Smurfs: Out of This World, which tells the spectacular and bizarre story of two families who seek to escape from the Smurf Forest. While there was no official word on the plans of either studio or director, it wasn’t long before the first signs of trouble were apparent in Skymovieshd. The screenwriting collaboration of screenwriting duo Steven Zaillian and Michael H. right out of the gate was pretty cheeky, as was the addition of plenty of colorful, odd-colored characters. The music, while charming, was just as forgettable as ever. The final nail in the Smurf coffin wasala, as the second Smurf movie, Smurfs: The Lost Village, was released and featured one of the most forgettable characters in the entire franchise.

## What can be added to the film now?

We’re still not entirely sure what will be added to the Smurf film, but it’s been building for some time now — a few months after the movie’s release, Disney took their film off the shelves, announcing that they would be adapting the novelization of the Smurfs, by Reeses and Johnson, for the stage. While we won’t be seeing a whole lot of the Smurfs in the new play, the friends will still make an appearance in a few minor roles, as well as a few more scenes.

## How tall is the new Andy Smith?

The new Andy Smith, we’re told, will be at least six foot tall and will be the tallest member of the Smurf family. We’ve heard that he’ll probably be the tallest in the family since his dad is the shortest, though.

## What did we think of The Smurfs: Out of This World?

We think this is one of the best-looking Smurf movies yet, with nicely detailed environments and even more nicely detailed characters. The Smurfs: Out of This World is definitely a step in the right direction, but we know there’s much more to come — especially when it comes to the Smurfettes and their allies, the Smurf Queen and her Royal Smurfs, who are exploring the ever-expanding universe of The Smurf World!

We’re looking forward to seeing what The Smurf World has in store for us.

## Exclusive trailer for The Smurfs: Out of This World!

The Smurfs: Out of This World is the first movie in Disney’s new trilogy, following the thrilling Smurf Bananabananam and the adorable Smurf Chicka Chicka Boom!, who lives in a pineapple under construction. We’re excited to see what the trailer reveals, but also a bit concerned that the new Smurf Chicka Chicka Boom! may not be able to keep up with the speed of the rest of the group, given her size.

But the trailer promises to be even more eye-opening and magical than the other films in the new Smurf universe — not to mention, family-friendly Disney fantasy in general.

## Is there more to come from The Smurfs: Out of This World?

Most of the new Smurf character designs and environments are based on the book, so we’re not entirely sure what will be added in, but we’re sure it won’t be very much. The Smurfs: Out of This World also promises plenty of action, with the Smurfettes taking on the nefarious Smurf Corporation and the Smurf King fighting against their minions, while the Smurf Queen learns she’s been given a new task: finding the three missing Smurfs.

## Conclusion

The Smurf end times are here. The original Smurf movie was a critical and commercial success, but the franchise has now been re-imagined as a live-action film. The new Smurf film is expected to launch in theaters on November 18, 2019, and will include plenty of fun new characters and plot twists, along with moments that will separate the normal Smurf from the “real” one. The Smurf end times are here. Let’s hope Disney Universe doesn’t miss the mark by adding too many too soon!

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