Law and Order Court Cases

Are the court cases featured on Law and Order accurate? The answer is probably a resounding “no.” Rather than focus on actual court cases, the show focuses on criminal legal procedures, such as jury deliberations. This series also includes a mock trial, which the defense prepares. Each episode of Trial by Jury begins with an account of the crime, with both sides developing strategies for trial.

The show features real courtroom proceedings in Manhattan. The homicide division of the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office is represented by Bureau Chief Tracey Kibre. She leads a team that includes District Attorney Investigator Lennie Briscoe, played by Jerry Orbach and Amy Carlson. During trials, both sides examine witnesses. Defense preparation varies, and pretrial meetings take place to resolve procedural issues. is one of the best website where you find out latest news also click here for more information. You can visit here to know more and if you want to get various types of news then check out this site

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