Why You Should Prefer to Source Products from China?

If you are in any kind of online or retail business, then you can be highly benefitted by sourcing all your products from China. Most people tend to believe that China only produces cheap quality items.

However, the reality is that many suppliers do exist in China who can offer you a high-quality product that can be very competitive on the market too.

If you are going to start your business then you have got the options:

  • Manufacturing the product, yourself
  • Purchasing locally
  • Sourcing from any foreign country.

Manufacturing in your own country cannot be so competitive because of high labour cost and the same will be the case if you buy locally. Therefore, sourcing from China is the best option for you.

Although sourcing from China can also be a more daunting task than the other 2 alternatives, however, you can get the maximum profit if you do promotional products sourcing from China.

What products can be imported from China?

China’s economy ranked second globally in terms of GDP and first in terms of total exports, according to OEC. China has built a manufacturing capacity to easily obtain components and raw materials to maintain continuous production.

Even nearly all US-made goods often have at least a few Chinese components.

The top exports of China are:

  • Computers
  • Broadcasting equipment
  • Various promotional products
  • Mobile phones
  • Office machine parts
  • Integrated circuits
  • Models and stuffed animals
  • Telephones
  • Light fixtures

The above list is certainly not the complete list of total Chinese exports. The following are also among the most popular items to source from China, particularly if you are an online reseller. They also are among the most searched-for items on Amazon and many other online platforms.

  • Home furniture and decor
  • Pet supplies
  • Children’s toys
  • Fashion and clothing accessories
  • Various electronic gadgets
  • Kitchen supplies

How to source products from China?

Before spending a single penny on purchases, the first step in promotional products sourcing from China is to conduct research. Everyone appears to be entering the fray now that it is so simple to resell things on sites like Amazon, eBay, etc.

Amazon and Chinese manufacturers frequently participate in intense competition. They seize the chance to sell products for less prices while winning a particular product category. And they triumph.

You can use research to find unexplored markets, audience-reaching strategies, and the products that offer the finest or worse prospects for you to decide:

  • How to price your product to remain competitive
  • Whether you will be profitable with your price.

Finding a “hole in the market” is your objective, but use caution. Your market dominance might not persist for long. People will eventually invade your zone if they realise you are successful without much competition.

Why China has turned into a world factory? Let us share with you a few good reasons why if you do promotional products sourcing from China can be a great choice.

1.      China is already producing almost everything you need

Getting the attention of the consumer is the main goal of promotions. The brand managers are the only ones who truly realize this difficult environment.

We believe that Chinese manufacturers plan ahead and have a keen understanding of consumer demand in their designs.

Everything that is trendy that you want for your next promotion, from fashion items to electrical devices, is already being made in China. It can be customised from China if you only think about it.

2.      Quality at an unbeatable price

There is a reason why a well-known company like Apple would delegate a significant portion of its manufacturing and assembly to a Chinese manufacturer.

The incomparable quality and production costs that China has to offer are no longer a secret.

The nation is far ahead in the competition between price and quality thanks to Chinese government assistance, significant infrastructure investment, and also flexible labour regulations.

3.      A big hub of global suppliers

China is a market that is extremely competitive, with several factories competing for the same new clients. China is the world’s largest exporter therefore its suppliers have a thorough understanding of international standards and a constant willingness to collaborate with new partners and establish lasting commercial relationships.

4.      Bulk production capabilities

China is fully aware of the value of economies of scale. The market is a perfect fusion of technological infrastructure, human capital, and incredibly dedicated labour.

This is the ideal mix to get very effective manufacturing outcome and meet your needs for promotional products. The high export ratios of China are mostly a result of its manufacturers’ capacity for output.

5.      Quick results

There are many skilled workers in China. Chinese manufacturers are perfectly capable of efficiently processing enormous quantities for a specific timetable because of their superior infrastructure and machinery.

The short turnaround time is another important factor to take into account when choosing China as a source for promotional products because promotional planning must perform within time restrictions.

6.      Elimination of middlemen

Delivering goods to clients at a low cost without sacrificing quality is a secure approach to increasing money. Eliminating as many intermediaries as you can is one method to accomplish this.

Chinese producers are aware of this and communicate directly with the company they are sourcing from. Chinese sourcing agents do away with intermediaries and interact directly with your company.

Along with the significant cost savings, you have a greater understanding of the seller’s operations and how to obtain the best items from them.

7.      Reduced risk of fraud

The procedure of sourcing goods from China is well-managed. It lessens the chance that commercial transactions will be the victim of fraud. You will be in constant communication with the supplier and be aware of what is happening at every stage of the procedure.

Without using a middleman, you may directly address issues like late delivery, subpar quality, and fraudulent transactions. When you get your goods from China, you will be much more aware of what is happening in the background.

Hire a Chinese supply agent

You can make your quest for promotional products sourcing from China much easier if you hire a trustworthy sourcing agent in China, who can coordinate all your business interests in China. Begin your journey of finding the perfect promotional products with confidence! Hire a reliable sourcing agent located in China who can help coordinate all aspects of doing business there. Plus, enlisting the services of a Global PEO will simplify hiring overseas for an even more stress-free process.

There are plenty of good Chinese suppliers available, however, their communication skills in English is very poor, whereas a sourcing agent can be very useful.

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